About KenPipes

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Kenichiro Sakurai Profile

Born in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan in 1965
Graduated from Niigata Prefectural Yoshida Commercial High School

Works experience

After graduating from high school, worked for signboard production company, design production, restaurant business.
Established “Atelier KEN (graphic design planning and production)” in 1989. painter.
2001 Adjunct Lecturer, Nagaoka Institute of Design / Department of Environmental Design, table reality lesson 2 (until 2008)
2005 Handmade smoking pipe production (KenPipes)
Joined Design Production in 2011 (leaved the same year)
2013 Handmade pipe production resumed. At the same time part-time at the gallery (until 2014)
To the present

Pipe show history

All Japan Pipe Smoking Championship Pipe Show
“Daienkai” smoking show
Tokyo Pipe Show
Chengde International Pipe Show (China)

Painting history

1997 / Espace E&C solo exhibition (France/Paris)
Tour of the Chateau de Baumelay (France/Normandy)
1998 / Formed “L-REX”* and planned and operated a participatory exhibition from this year
2000 / Solo exhibition of Attic Gallery, Northern Culture Museum (Niigata Prefecture)
2001 / Espace Carré d’Or (France/Paris) Solo Exhibition
TRANS PYRAMID’ART joint exhibition (France/Paris)
Outdoor Art Exhibition in Yahiko (Yahiko Village, Niigata Prefecture) Joint Exhibition
2003 / L’@NTI-MOUVEMENT Joint Exhibition (France/Paris)
KADOIDE handmade japanese paper company and Kenichiro Sakurai Exhibition (Sugamo, Tokyo / Mass Migaler)
KADOIDE handmade japanese paper company and Artist Series Exhibition (Niigata City/Gallery TOKI)
“Temporary Ink and ink creation” Hong Kong/Japan/China Cultural Exchange 2003 Exhibition (Hong Kong/Arts Corporation)
2004 / 30th Anniversary Exhibition of Echigo KADOIDE Japan paper and Mr.Yasuo Kobayashi
2005 / Japanese Raw KADOIDE Paper Factory Exhibition (Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture / KADOIDE Japanese Raw Paper Factory)
2012 / D+5 ART GALLERY 2 people exhibition (Sanjo City/Fukuda Gallery)

4th Chengde International Pipe Show